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Significant Service:

Bible Translation work is not a job done just by Bible translators. All Bible translation projects need people to support them and one of our largest needs is for people with the skills of management, administration and other professional areas. If God has gifted you with the skills of managing people, time and resources in a wide variety of ways, or you have skills in the professional areas such as finance, health care and construction services, your participation in the work of Bible translation is greatly needed and we invite you to explore what opportunities await you.

While Wycliffe works in some challenging places, training and orientation is given to help people make that adjustment successfully. Supportive teams and community life all provide for rich work and personal experiences. There may be a need in some locations to learn another language such as Spanish, French, Mandarin or other languages, but Wycliffe provides guidance on how to acquire that.

Are you looking to have your investment of time, skills, and abilities impact, influence and touch people in difficult contexts? Learn more

Professional Considerations:

Serving as a manager or administrator in Wycliffe can be much different than other work environments. Though we employ standard business practices and maintain a high standard of financial and professional integrity, many say the greatest difference is that the purpose is so fulfilling. Managing in a Wycliffe environment is very refreshing as you work with other Wycliffe staff and local people, all committed to using their everyday skills to support the work of Bible translation. Working as a manager or professional in Wycliffe in a task as significant as Bible translation can be invigorating— nothing is more exciting than seeing a language community receive the Word of God for the very first time. How's that for a 'bottom line'?!!!

Serving as a manager or administrator or in a professional area does mean you’ll need to come with those skills in hand and be ready to work. We’ll provide the orientation to the place where you will be working (whether that be in the USA or around the world) and the training necessary to get you there. We’ll also provide meaningful work that uses your skills and abilities while also considering your life situation, whether you come as a single person, as newly married couple, with a family or as a retiree. The term of work, too, can be for 1 – 2 years, or it can be for many more years, and opportunities exist in almost every part of the world.

You’ll rub shoulders with Bible translators actively engaged with the work. You’ll also develop close relationship with the local people and see they have a passion and dedication for our work as great as yours. More importantly, your job in this critical area will mean the Word of God will be delivered to people sooner. What could be more important than to use your skills as a manager, administrator or professional in the life changing work of Bible translation? And before you know it, you’ll come to understand that you, too, are a Bible translator as you serve with us.

If you ready to explore the opportunities in this area, go to our Manager Recruitment web site or contact Chuck Micheals, our Director for Management and Professional Recruitment ( or call (321) 278-2225.

Issues to consider

Issues that could keep you from serving or could stall your journey are things that we really want you to prepare well for. Are you ready? Are you living a disciplined life in preparation for a marathon in the spiritually dark and physically challenging places to work on earth, but where God can be glorified and people transformed?

The issues we see most frequently contributing to failure to launch or failure to succeed while on assignment are at the link below. Please count the cost now and prepare well! We are praying for you and would love to walk with you on this journey.

Nuances of the job in different areas of the world

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