Our Core Values

The Glory of God Among the Nations

Our motive for Bible translation is that all the peoples of the earth would have the opportunity to pursue God and His glory.

Christlikeness in Life and Work

Our quest is to pursue Christ. We express this through our lives and work.

The Church as Central in God's Mission

Our commitment is to assist the Church in completing the Great Commission through the tasks God has called us to lead. We affirm that world evangelism and discipleship is God's charge to the Church.

The Word Translated

Our focus is founded on the promise in Scripture that God’s Word will accomplish what He wants it to accomplish. The Word of God transforms lives when it is translated into a language that speaks to peoples' hearts.

Dependence on God

Our confidence is not in ourselves; rather, we depend on God for everything to complete the task of worldwide Bible translation. This is His work; He always accomplishes what He sets out to do.

Partnership and Service

Our way of working best reflects the character of God when we work in community, in partnerships and always with humility. Partnerships are critical to completing Bible translation for all languages of the world.


We commit to follow the commands of Scripture to love all neighbors and act as the one body of Christ, such that we intentionally engage and reflect the diversity of His Church in order to fulfill the Bible translation task at hand.