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Team Daba at Race to 2025 in WA

Race to 2025, the adventure fundraising race with eternal impact!

Race to 2025 is a two-day race that bridges the adrenalin of adventure sport young people crave and the extreme challenge to which Jesus calls His Church—to make disciples of all nations. During the two-day challenge, teams of four compete against each other in adventure sports and in simulated challenges of missionary life. Racers also engage in basic linguistics training and encounter a remote, ‘hidden village.’ Here, with no bridge language, they grapple with the challenges of culture and language while gathering and analyzing crucial linguistic data from mother tongue speakers.

Montana Race (Camp Bighorn): October 10-12, 2014

Washington Race (Timber Hill Ranch near Leavenworth): March, 2015


It's a "Taste Of Translation And Linguistics" (TOTAL) back by popular demand! This five-day course includes introductory classes on phonetics and phonology, grammar, language and culture learning, translation and semantics, as well as field reports, videos, and personal testimonies. Learn in a relaxed, informal setting with experienced translators from many different countries and language projects. Devotions, prayer time and group living build meaningful relationships between staff and students. Housing and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and tasty ethnic snacks) are provided. Cost is around $225 with early registration. The number of students accepted varies slightly between regions, but in general class sizes are 15-20 people.

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