Would you like to help bring God's Word to the nearly 2000 language groups currently without Scripture?

It takes a whole team of people with all sorts of skills to do Bible translation. There are currently hundreds of open positions ranging from airplane mechanic to computer programmer to graphic artist to manager.

The purpose of this site is to help you explore what it means to serve with Wycliffe, find out what jobs you could do, get answers to your questions, and connect with people who can give you more information.

There are opportunities available for all kinds of service, including short term (including internships, mid-term), and long term service. Service can be in the U.S., or in one of our many overseas locations. Wycliffe missionaries do not receive a salary in the normal sense, but depend on the Lord to provide for their needs through the partnership of individuals and churches that pray and give financially to Wycliffe in support of their ministries.

If you think missions service may be in your future, then I invite you to explore this site and prayerfully consider serving with us in Wycliffe. I know that God can use you to help bring His Word to people in their own language!

Jamie Farr
Senior Director for Mobilization, Wycliffe